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The Gods & the Spider Under the Glass

  In an effort to understand the mischievous divine beings that appear to cut in and out of our reality as in an Edwin A. Abbott tale, of late, I find myself weighing various human experiences, curious for any shadowy analogy that may emerge.   Some see Christ in a piece of burnt toast. These days, I see the gods in creatures with the mysterious symmetry of eight legs and eight eyes. I also see the prankish and troublesome divine in ceiling fans and floral ceiling murals—but that is a post for another day.   Yesterday, I spied a tiny jumping spider upon my kitchen counter. It appeared to be waiting to see if some human would come along and prepare for it a fly soufflé.   I did not have my chef’s hat with me at the time, but I did have within arm’s reach a cube-shaped magnifying glass. The 1×1-inch cube serves as a sort of holding area, by which one can contain something rather smallish to a flat surface, and venture a closer peek.   This I did. The spider jumped about from acrylic wall to acrylic wall, trying to escape, and when it paused, I examined its intricate, miniature design. I could see its little spiky hairs; I…

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“Fuck Putin” — a moral confection

Just the other day, God woke up from an interminable nap that seemed like hours, but really had begun roundabout the 3rd Century BCE, after God had popped just half of a Divine Tizanidine. . An angel came to collect the divine bedpan, which was full of chalcedony and sardonyx crystals. God asked the angel how things were going on Earth. . “Um.” The angel scuttled out of the Holy of Holies bed chamber. “Oh boy, better find Gabriel!” . By the time Gabriel received the news that the Omnipresent One had awakened, it was a bit too late. A roar unlike a roar—more an infinite cacophony of pissed-offedness—tore the fabric of space-time, and even unspace-untime. . Those with spiritually discerning ears the Universe over heard what sounded like “What the fuck!!!!” in all mortal and immortal tongues. . “Oh boy,” said Gabriel, who booked a quick flight to a Universe several dimensions over and which was known for its lovely cabanas and tasty liqueurs. . The reason God yawlped such an Almighty yawlp was simple: human beings, who had been vested with a quasi-Imago Dei—via a very unique Evolutionary…

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Indiana (a short story)

    (“Indiana” is one of the stories in the author’s debut work of fiction, Birds of a Feather: Short Stories & Miscellany, available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords.)         After an interminable nap, God opened his eyes. “Ah.”   …   George Crockfeldt had never heard the voice of God. He was a simple factory laborer. For the past 33 years, he had worked in a light bulb manufacturing plant just outside Terre Haute, Indiana. He was within reach of a comfortable pension plus a monthly Social Security check that would pay the rent and keep him in his model train hobby for the remainder of his years.   George watched thousands of newly formed standard glass bulbs pass him every day. His job was to spot-check glass for sharp edges and other noticeable defects. At the end of every shift, George felt confident that, due to his keen eye, the nation would see a little clearer.   Halfway through his Friday swing shift, God spoke to George Crockfeldt. George was confident God was speaking to him due to the fact that light bulbs generally do not illuminate…

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