The Play Within the Play Within the Padded Walls (A Review of Robert Richmond’s “Hamlet”)


James Costello and Laurie Roberts; photo by Jason Ayer


The Play Within the Play Within the Padded Walls (CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE)


There is one place, surely, that Hamlet does not belong−he, who, more than any other character in literature defines modern consciousness and consciences, and from whose troubled lips and bare bodkin tongue issue more coarsely-witted words-words-words than nary a cock can crow at a russet mantle morn.



And that place is a madhouse.  So, then, let us put him there and see what happens!…



April 18, 2014 / What Jasper Said



[I have waited a long time to review Hamlet and was so delighted that it happened to be a production by acclaimed director Robert Richmond.]


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