About Arik Bjorn

Arik Bjorn, in the act of gradual balding. Credit: total stranger.

Arik is a novelist, screenwriter and essayist, but most of all, a dedicated father. He enjoys French silk pie as well as a quality shot of bourbon. His writing explores such themes as the Problem of Pain and building Civilization—or at least humanity’s efforts to-date.


His writing has been featured on a number of national websites, including Patheos and Forward Progressives. He was also a weekly columnist for years for Columbia City Paper. He has been read by lots of folks in 190 countries.


Arik is also the co-creator and co-host of THE HATE NAPKIN podcast, which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor FM, Audible & more.


Arik has published eight books, including his first novel, The Prodigal (2020). The Prodigal took 25 years to complete, and is a contemporary, comedic reshaping of The Divine Comedy.


Arik has also published three essay collections: Waiting for CivilizationThe R-Rated Theologian, and Why Bad Things Happen to Good Parrots. He has one short story collection, Birds of a Feather, as well as a book of verse, Pocket Lint.


So I Ran for Congress chronicles his experience running for U.S. Congress against Joe ‘You Lie!’ Wilson. Show & Tell at World’s End is a social media diary about life in South Carolina during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Arik ran as the 2016 Democratic Party candidate for South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District against Joe “You Lie!” Wilson. You can read about the campaign and his activism on Facebook and at his candidate website, Bjorn2run.com.


He holds degrees in archaeology, ancient languages, and library science. He loves snow and hippos and enjoys retelling the story of how he was once shat upon by pigeons during Mass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and thereafter fled down the Via Dolorosa in search of a towel.


He is also the author of several manuscripts for sale, including a screenplay and two comedy television pilots.


Arik is a native son of Minnesota, who now resides in South Carolina. (Please send him pictures of snow.) Also, he sincerely apologizes for the necessity to describe himself in the third person. He has an original literary voice, but if you want him to sound like Maurice Chevalier, it will cost extra. Please support his writing career. He has a family to feed.


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Arik Bjorn looking authorial with
“Don Quixote” by Anna Hyatt Huntington.
Credit: Jaroslav Dampfstain.


Arik Bjorn eating a doughnut and jealous seagull.
(Commas make all the difference.)
Credit: Jaroslav Dampfstain.