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Oral Hygiene on the Half Shell

So, about the Naked Lady with the Toothbrush who hopped into my Uber…   Things simply “happen” to me. They always have. If you and I sat down over a bottle (or two) of Scotch, I could regale you with tale after tale, from the mountain jungles of Haiti to Sinai Desert monasteries to the underground tunnels of Washington DC. All true, I swear. While the Universe has not seen fit to heap piles of rare metals upon me, it has commended upon me more Experience than you can shake a toothbrush at.   Speaking of which, about that Naked Lady…   I’ve seen just about everything you can see while Ubering. Keep in mind, I only drive nights. One, I hate daytime traffic—I’m not a big fan of old ladies on the way to the proctologist pestering me about driving two miles over the speed limit. Two, I prefer the Confession Box-like aura of the nighttime ride share. Many a times has a person completely broken down in my back seat—weeping and pouring out their hearts and sorrows to me, a perfect stranger. But I’m not just any stranger—I’m someone who actually cares, and they sense it. And just maybe we can find the start of a solution…

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