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An Open Letter to the World Regarding Donald Trump (p.s. Don’t Put off Tomorrow…)

  Dear Planet Earth Beyond the Borders of the Fruited Plain:   You are probably struggling to identify where Uncle Sam’s penchant for reality TV and WrestleMania begins and its Republican Presidential Candidate policies end. Sorry, most of the time, no obvious line separates the twain:   Mike “Gaza Gunpoint” Huckabee jumps off the top rope and clotheslines The Iron Sheik!   Where to begin? On behalf of all 322 million U.S. citizens, I apologize. Of course, a certain Republican presidential hopeful and his pitchfork minions would like to reduce that number to a comfortable 222 million White Americans. But who’s counting?    The only good news is that we don’t know whether said candidate will export or exterminate those 100 million non-White Americans if given the chance. Yes, I actually took a step down the genocidal warning path. Why? Because a political personality worthy of crossing the Godwin Line is finally in our midst.   Two years ago, I wrote: “To compare any U.S. politician to Adolf Hitler is simply idiotic and downgrading to the cause.” Well, I was wrong.   I didn’t realize Donald Trump was capable…

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