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Bob Kincaid, who has been featured on MSNBC, is the vocal mastermind behind an amazing radio network: The Horn, “America’s Liberal Voice.”  Check out The Horn’s website!  It’ll be worth your while!




HERE’S THE FEBRUARY 3, 2016, BROADCAST OF PASTOR PILLOW AND BROTHER BOB!  Pastor Pillow and the tent revival start at the 8-minute mark.  It’s a great hour-plus of radio satire, with a dash of sincerity, to boot!






Chris White is a South Carolina filmmaker and radio personality swiftly on the rise.  Plus, he directs for my favorite television show, Star Trek Continues.  Also check out his great indie flick, Cinema Purgatorio.







My good friend, Dr. Ismail Lagardien, hails from South Africa and was Nelson Mandela’s speechwriter.  He is one of the most progressive thinkers I have ever known.  Here’s his recent article, “Trump Has Traction. Oh Carolina (Sorry Shaggy).”







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Eric Alexander, the creator and principal voice of Christian Evolution, is determined that Christianity evolve into a religion of common sense community.  Cool.






SC Progressive Network

“The South Carolina Progressive Network is a coalition of organizations and individual activists from across the state who have joined forces to promote social and economic justice in the Palmetto State. Now celebrating 20 years of organizing, the Network was created in 1995 as a tool to engage South Carolinians in their communities and in their government. At its core, the Network is about connecting people to each other and to resources designed to leverage the work of progressive organizations and promote sound public policy.”






Perhaps you’ve heard of The Bachmann Diaries?  Erin Nanasi has the Midas touch; every keyboard she touches turns to gold.  Here’s her blog Poking at Snakes; you won’t regret clicking these links!





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My friend Jonathan Voorhees writes the blog The Church of Lost Hats!  It’s the virtual place I turn to for spiritual lexical refreshment.






Trust me, you just have to experience the non-G-rated bliss of blogger Carol Baker at The Opinionated Bitch.  I am one of her many professed minions.






Anthony Conwright is an up-and-coming writer and signature blogger at Huff Post, as well as the creator of Black and Wordy.




Modern Liberals

My friend and former colleague, Manny Schewitz, runs and writes for Modern Liberals.







Left Cheek

Left Cheek: The Blog gets it!  JasDye and I have similar dark alley pasts in the labyrinths of Evangelical Christianity.  We both found our way out!  Also, here’s the Facebook page for Left Cheek!








Forward Progressives

Please check out Forward Progressives.  “We are Forward Progressives working for positive change in our communities and our country.”  Here’s the FP Facebook page, as well!